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Ayurveda Packages


Panchakarma therapy is a highly complex and sophisticated science of purification of the body-mind channel systems. The detoxification process involves three main stages; a modified diet and lifestyle is to be followed throughout these three stages.

Rejuvenation Packages

It restores the minimal and body with positive energy, improves immunity and vitality. It includes body massage, nasyam, Ila-kizhi, njavana-kizhi, shirodhara, pizhichil, medicated steam bath, etc.

Relaxation Packages

It is effective for stress management, migraine, headache and to purify mind and body to attain the right balance. This includes shirodhara, kizhi, thalam, pizhichil, etc.

De-tox Packages

This treatment includes therapies to purify the body and to increase the vital energy for a better balance of body, mind and soul. It includes shodhana therapies, podikizhi, udvarthanam, Dhara, medicated steam bath, pizhichil, virechanam , etc.

Spine and Neck Care Package

This is a special package to keep your spine and neck more healthy and to reduce stiffness and pain. It includes special massages, kati vasti, pichu, kizhi, dhara, etc.

Beauty Care Packages

It includes therapies to improve the luster of skin, body fluid circulation, and complexion. Face packs, massages, kizhi, dhara, etc are included in this package.